Virtual User Group
Event Agenda


Engage in insightful discussion, share experiences, and build valuable connections within the intelligent automation community.

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Speakers / Panel Participants

Steve LaValle - WonderBotz

Steve LaValle is Co-CEO and cofounder of WonderBotz. An innovator known for actionable solutions, he helps organizations use new technologies to transform how they run their businesses, expand margins, grow faster. As both an internal leader and external advisor, he brings a proven ability to lead teams, rally executives, and align disparate stakeholders to common goals. 

Paula Carneiro Cox - WonderBotz

Paula Carneiro Cox is the SVP of Business Development for WonderBotz, a global automation advisory firm. Paula simplifies technology to business users in order to help organizations undergo enterprise-wide digital transformation efforts. Paula helps take the guesswork out of daunting transformations. She helps restore humanity to the workforce by eliminating robotic work.